Subspec Srl


Subspec offers an extensive range of Consultancy Services related to the Oil & Gas Industry, specifically for Companies involved in Subsea EPIC and IRM activities performed by Diving & ROV.


Specialist Design & Engineering (D&E) support every step of the way, from the early stage (e.g. Feasibility Studies) to the final construction, engineering and industrialization phase. The Subspec D&E Services have been already successfully tested in various sectors including the Subsea (Diving & ROV), the Maritime, the Offshore and the Industrial.


An exceptional combination of expertise afforded by qualified Engineers, experienced Project Managers and proven underwater Professionals enables Subspec to bring unique perspectives and innovation in the development of  Subsea Products, Equipment & Tools.


An exceptional combination of Engineering Expertise together with the forefront of Prototyping and Testing Equipment to bring unique perspectives and innovation in the development of High-Tech Products, Equipment & Tools with specific applications in the Oil & Gas sector (or industry in general).

“Subspec has been a partner of choice. Their Subsea technical knowledge and expertise, their professional problem solver attitude, together with their promptness in supporting and answering to the various questions which could rise during a Vessel Design & Engineering Phase made their support a must”.
- Tommaso Granara – Tekno Consulting